We Love What We Do

… so we decided to implement “Plan B”!

We are Polychronis and Elena and we welcome you to Plan B.

Plan B was originally sourced by our mutual love for Photography. Along the way, we discovered that there is nothing more fulfilling than turning your passion into a career path. We consider ourselves very lucky by having the chance to capture beautiful moments in photographic frames, so we can make them live forever. Being a Wedding & Christening photographer is the absolute honor for us.

 “True beauty lies in spontaneous moments”. This is our driving force for trying to capture the untold stories when celebrating happy events. The moments that just happen when people love each other and they are not “fixed”. Moments full of bursting emotions, the ones that you’d love to remember when looking back at the photos.

We strongly believe in building bridges with our customers, so we can have the best end result. How is this achieved? By getting to know each other, so we can trust each other and engage in a great collaboration. We just love people!

Our photography reflects the way we would like to be photographed. In other words, we are there when you need us but out of your way when you don’t. Because if you feel awkward, chances are that it will show in the photos. So we like creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, but not in a way of following you everywhere!

Although we usually operate in Cyprus and Greece, we have the ability of travelling worldwide for work.

Polichronis Bililis

I was born in Thessaloniki, in 1981. As I was raised in a family of photographers, my love for Photography was cultivated in early childhood. I remember my father and grandfather teaching me photography techniques, at a time when I could not even count from 1 to 10!

Becoming a professional photographer was really a one-way street for me, so after finishing high school I was involved in advertising and fashion photography, but soon after I discovered the creativity in Wedding and Christening Photography.

At the same time, I started exploring the world of Cinematography and Video editing, which I also found quite fascinating. After many seminars and workshops, my love was divided in two: Photography and Cinematography.

Elena Fokas

Born in Limassol in 1986 and brought up in the beautiful village of Kalavasos, my childhood years were full of colorful images, making it natural for me to fall for the art of Photography. My mother’s love for the lens also contributed toward this direction.

In 2007, during my studies on Economics in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I was exploring my creativity and I decided to follow my passion and start a second degree in Photography.

At first, I was using my camera just to capture beautiful moments and scenery as a hobby, but when I was asked to capture the wedding of a friendly couple, I fell in love with photographing happy moments. From that time I decided to dedicate in Wedding and Christening Photography.

Why Choose Us


Our many years of experience in the field of Wedding & Christening Photography provide reassurance that everything will flow smoothly on your special day.


It is all about team power. As we don’t want to miss a thing from the life event you trusted us, both of us make sure that you’ll receive the best result there is!


Driven by the wonderful paths of creativity offered by Photography, we are absolutely passionate for what we do. Creativity has always been the way for us…

Our Services



Corporate Events

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Real people, real stories, real moments!